Fortepianos in the French countryside

The fortepianos at Belleroq

At Belleroq we have a small selection of outstanding fortepianos which are regularly used for concerts throughout Europe. When not on tour, the instruments are available to musicians for practice or workshops on site. Should you wish to stay at Belleroq, we will be happy to give you details about our lodging facilities. There is ample space to practice and play comfortably. We can accommodate individuals or small groups.

The Stein 1802 Project

Belleroq is also home to the STEIN 1802 PROJECT, a research project which stands at the heart of our activities. The project was born with the discovery of an original five-and-a-half octave Frère et Soeur Stein fortepiano from 1802. The dedicated Stein 1802 Project website features the latest activities around the Stein pianos. You may also want to discover the research materials and learn more about the relation between Ludwig van Beethoven’s compositions and the Stein fortepianos. Or read the newest stories on Birgitta’s Beeblog.

Where to find us in France

We are located in the countryside of the Saintonge (departement Charente Maritime), between the vineyards and the Atlantic coast, just north of the cities Saintes and Cognac. The direct TGV train connection from Paris to the town of Surgères takes no more than 2 hours and 20 minutes. The nearest airports are at La Rochelle and Bordeaux. For all enquiries, contact us via info[at]belleroq [dot]com.

Replicas D’après Frère et Soeur Stein

Sietse Kok builds replicas of the Viennese fortepianos of the Geschwister Stein under the label D’après Frère et Soeur Stein. These replicas with keyboard ranges of five, five-and-a-half and six octaves are based on the concept of the original fortepiano from 1802 developed by Nannette Stein and her brother Andreas. Sietse Kok made the first replica during the restoration process of the 1802 original. His expertise on the Stein pianos of the early 1800’s is unique. Both the original fortepiano and the replicas are being played in concerts around Europe.

Go to the website

or follow the Stein 1802 Project on facebook to stay informed of the newest developments:

  • Concerts and events

    Read about concerts and events featuring D’après Frère et Soeur Stein fortepianos

  • Research articles

    All research articles are available for download

  • Bee's Notes

    Bee’s Notes, a personal journal by Beatrice.




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